Au Natural | Part Two

Last week I wrote about going natural in beauty, skincare, and home products. Ever experience repost phenomenon? More professionally known as Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, it's when you see or read something, and then it's everywhere. Yeah, that happened. And while I'd like to claim first-sies on that, I'm obviously not the first, nor last, nor best person to write on the subject. 

But we blogger's push on, don't we?

And so, in the vein of pushing on, I mentioned I'd be sharing some resources and that's what I wanted to provide today!


via Clementine Daily

via Clementine Daily

I posted the day after writing last week that Gwyneth had a weekly post on The Dirty on Getting Clean. It's definitely worth a read. I really enjoyed the comparison of products we think are 'green' versus products that actually are. The Honest Co. didn't do so great when it comes to all-purpose cleaner. I tell you, a girl can't win for trying! (I just purchased this product. I still claim it's better than the Windex/Pledge I was using before!)

Nicole also posted on the best eco products for your home

And finally, Clementine Daily (photo above) posted about it as well, and gave props to The Honest Co., too I might add. Who knows!

Either way, EWG, the Environmental Working Group, is a gold standard for sourcing information on your products. 

Beauty / Skincare

via The Everygirl

via The Everygirl

In this arena, EWG is also a great resource. They've got information on over 68,000 products. I encourage you to search for some of your daily staples and check out the results. I place no shame on using products that aren't the healthiest. As I said before, we want results and as an advanced society we strive for those results though, sometimes, they don't come in the healthiest of ways. Still, there is power in knowledge and I think it's important to be aware of what you're spending your hard earned money on. 

Beauty blogs are one of my favorite things to read up on and there is a great crop of natural/organic beauty blogs out there. Some that I read often: 

No More Dirty Looks posts great reader routines. It's inspiring to see what everyday people are doing, plus I love a good look into someone's every day. 

Beauty Palette is a wonderful read that I've been following for a long time. 

Seed to Serum is an ingredient obsessed gal providing great reviews. 

My favorite beauty blog, Into the Gloss, covers all areas of beauty, and they provided a recent decoding of cosmetic labels that was helpful. Also, there is no better comment section to spend time reading than ITG's- the readers are informed and know their stuff! For every product that isn't natural in the write-up, there are 5-10 readers providing natural alternatives. 

The 5 ingredients (photo above) to not put on your face are from a recent feature on the Everygirl that's worth checking out. 

Finally, Beautycounter is a product line I've been meaning to try but also provides a great list (that you can print and carry in your wallet!) of ingredients to try and stay away from. 


And so I've contributed once again to the never-ending diatribe on green, good for you, good for the environment providers. What steps are you taking, if any? What products do you favor? It's can be a tough objective to follow when items are so readily available, but every step counts!